Friday, August 20, 2010

Rubber Soul: Korea

Date: Saturday, December 4th 2010
Time: 8 pm- 2 am
Cost : W15,0000
VenuesDGBDClub FFTing Ting and Club TA

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Street Campaign: Wednesday, December 1st
Awareness Workshop: Saturday, December 4th. Venue to be confirmed.

Band Lineup
See below for band bios!

Club FF
9:00  OPEN
9:15   ARMY (Rock N Roll)
10:00  PONY (Post Punk)
10:45  SEOKYO GROUP-SOUND (Garage Rock Revival)
11:30  EV-BOYZ (Rap)
11:45   WAGWAK (Inide Folk)
12:30   DJ Eddie & Dooly's Super-Fun Dance PARTY!!! (Indie Anthems, Rock, Pop, Classic Tunes)

Ting Tings
8:00  OPEN
8:15   APPLE WING (Modern Rock)
9:15   EASY BOY (Pop Punk)
10: 15   SOTOGAMBA (Funny Groove)
11:15  DEAD ENDS FRIENDS (Rock N Roll)
12:00  DJ ZB & Jinn's Super-Fun Dance Party (Electro Dance & Chart Music)

11:00  OPEN
11:10  …WHATEVER THAT MEANS (Melodic Punk)
12:05  TACOPY (Punk Rock)
1:00  THE GEEKS (Hardcore)

Club Ta
11:00 OPEN
11:10 ROCK CATS (Rock)
11:55 CHIVAS SOUND (Indie)
1:15  BRICK SLIPPER (Indie)

Medipeace is Korean's first secular medical aid NGO.  See here for more info.

Rubber Soul is set to rock out for the third time in Seoul, South Korea this December 4th to commemorate World AIDS day.

This year, we are across three venues: DGBD and Club FF.

Money from the event will go to three charities:

  • Little Travellers
    "Little Travellers" are beautiful, beaded pins made by women affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

    We sell these pins for $5 each across the world, with 100% of funds raised going to help fight HIV/AIDS in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa, where over 40% of adults are infected.

    See here for more info.

  • The RYE School
    The RYE School is an initiative by Meaningful Volunteer, a 100% non-profit volunteer placement organization currently based in the Philippines and Uganda.

    Money from Rubber Soul will goes towards building a solar-powered school in the village of Buyaya in Eastern Uganda.    About 40% of the residents in Buyaya are HIV+.  HIV contributes to 24% of all deaths in Buyaya.  Most children under the age of nine cannot read a single letter.

    The RYE School in Buyaya will teach English literacy and computer literacy to both children and adults.

    See here for more info.
Medipeace is Korean's first secular medical aid NGO.  See here for more info.

Band Line Up

…Whatever That Means

Genre: melodic punk

Band members: Honggu (drums), Jeff – (rhythm guitar/vocals), Jinwook (lead guitar), Trash (bass/vocals)

Band summary
…Whatever That Means is a melodic punk rock band from Seoul, Korea. Since the summer of 2009, …WTM has played many of Seoul’s well-known live music venues including FF, Club Spot and Club Ssam. They have been featured in Groove Magazine, were finalists in the Olde Stompers Battle of the Bands and opened for Strike Anywhere during their stop in Korea. After the release of their debut EP “The Newest Hope” on April 3rd, they played several shows throughout Seoul and spent two weeks touring through Malaysia.


Genre: punk rock

Band Members: Kim Jae-gook (vocals), Kim Tae-il (guitar), Kim Nam Kyu (bass), Lee Seung Sik (drums)

Band Summary
T.A. Copy is a punk rock band known for their mischievousness, defiant and honest lyrics and melodies. They have developed their sound since they debuted in 2002, incorporating indie, rock, punk, swing, jazz and even country. The band is also known for their funny song titles and energetic stage antics.


The Geeks

Genre: hardcore

Band members: Ki (voice), Jun (guitar), Bong Kyu (bass), Im Young (drums), Gene (guitar)

Band summary:
5 Dudes playing Hardcore with sincerity since 1999. Have done numerous tours all over the world with Bane, Outbreak, Champion, Modern Life Is War, The First Step, Ambitions, Down To Nothing, Hour of the Wolf, Lewed Acts, Better Off Dead, Last One Standing and Second Combat.


Chiva Sound

Genre: Indie

Band summary: Newly-signed to the record label being started up by the vocalist of TACOPY, Chivas Sound have already rocked a number of shows including the 12th Ssamzie Sound Festival.

Band members: Chiva (vocals), Im Jong-ha (guitar), K.J (bass), Session (drum)

Plastic Duck Armada

Genre: Rock

Band summary: With members from Busan and Seoul, The Plastic Duck Armada delivers danceable song-oriented power pop and rootsy garage rock fury.

Band members: Greg Dolezal (Guitar & Vox), Kyeong-ku Park (Bass), Jordan Lewis (Keys), Jin-myung Lim (Drums)


The Pony

Genre: Post Punk

Band Members: Sang Min (vocals), Won Jun (guitar), Seung Bo (bass), Woo Suk (drums)

Band summary: Returning to Rubber Soul once again, these Korean rockers are going to rock out their noisy guitars and songs catchy enough to get you hooked. / 

Seogyo Group Sound

Genre: Garage Rock Revival

The Army
Genre: Rock n Roll

Genre: Hip hop
Band summary: In their own words, “The sickest sound to ever roll out of PAJU, South Korea!” The EV bOyZ will be bringing the sounds of Gumcheon and kickin’ it in the heart of Seoul once more for your delight.

Genre: Indie Folk
Band Members: Daehyun Kim, Sangyoung Cho
Band summary: With ex-members of 20th Century Boys, Wagwak is a unique boundary-pushing musical duo consisting of two multi-instrumentalists.

Shotgun Mascara
Genre: 80's Glam Rock Cover Band
Band Members: Skinz Pounder (drums), Cherry Smash (vocals), Frankie Fingerzz (lead guitar), Boris Centaur (bass), Skipp Bonederson (rhythm guitar)
Band summary: Rockin' and Rollin', screaming guitars, drum solos, long hair, hairspray, makeup, leather clothes. All your favorite glam rock bands in one. Five westerners in Seoul, Korea who have vowed to keep the greatest kind of music alive, 80's glam rock! Need we say more?

Apple Wing
Genre: Modern rock

Easy Boy
Genre: Pop punk

Sotto Gamba
Genre: Funky groove
Band Members: Mikey (vox, guitar, kazoo), Bobby (vox, bass), Matty (drums, percussion) Hendrik (sax, percussion)
Band summary: Returning to Rubber Soul to shake the floorboards loose with their laid back funk rock, Sotto Gamba describe themselves as “the horny house-band for an after-hours tiki-god speakeasy.”

Dead End Friends
Genre: Rock n roll
Band summary: With two ex-members of U R Seoul, one ex-member of The Forty Days and a bassist who has been in more bands around Seoul than can be mentioned here, Dead End Friends has hit the ground running and has recently played a number of shows around Hondgae and Itaewon.

Brick Slipper
Genre: Indie
Band Members: Lee So Jeong (vox), Lee Tae Ho (guitar), Jai (bass), Seo Hyeon Jeong (drums).
Band summary: Formed by established musicians including the bass player of Buiret, Brick Slipper debuted at last year’s Rubber Soul event and has been on the up and up ever since. Having recently won a rock competition, Brick Slipper are poised for big things.

Rock Cats
Genre: Rock
Band members: Jang Aro (voice), Lee Kyung (guitars), Ko-u (bass), Ahyun Rose (drums)

Band Summary
Amazing and cute Four members' Pop punk band.
Rockcatz has a different concept with other female vocal teams having "Jang Aro" who is known as post "Kim Yoona" handling song writing and composing in the team. The band's music will be the standard of the Korean indie band and show the infinite potential of the band. You will be surprised how the guys' monopolized music, punk rock can be fantastic with the catchy female voice.